Pit Viper Lights vs Other Pit Lights

Better Parts = Better Performance

What makes Pit Viper Lights different from other pit lights on the market?  The answer is more about the functional design than about the look.  Anyone can put lights on a pole and light up a pit, but there are extras to Pit Viper Lights that we want to share.

Our Patent-Pending Bulb Mounting Bracket

Joe Barket 5 Ft Dual Pit Light
"Pit Viper lights have been great in the pits. Besides the great lighting I was impressed with the overall design and solid construction with the brackets and how there held together. It’s a great product."
- Joe Barket (Pit Viper Lights customer)

If you look at other pit sky lights, you can see they use a flimsy mounting clip that barely, and we mean barely, holds the light bulb in place.  Here's a look at other pit light brackets:

flimsy clips, zip ties and velcro


This piece can malfunction at the track and cause a lot of issues. Don't be the racer with zip ties on your pit lights, because the other brands use cheap flimsy clips.

With Pit Viper Lights, you will get a solid aluminum bracket that holds the bulb in place.  Our engineers designed this piece with the customer in mind.  We've dealt with the flimsy bracket and it just wasn't up to par with our standards.


The beauty of our brackets; they don't bend*.  They hold the bulbs in place so that you can put Pit Viper Lights up and take them down with ease without worrying about faulty parts.  

That's a big difference in quality. Not only will they not bend, but they hold the bulbs firmly in place. Assembly is as easy as snapping the bulb in place. 

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Easy Assembly

 "Great product and amazing speed on getting the light to me, super easy set up took less then 5 minutes. Won’t go back"
-Corey Halbert (Pit Viper Lights Customer)

We strived to make Pit Viper Lights easy to assemble. We want you to take our product out of the box, and be ready to light up your stall in under 5 minutes. The first step to achieving this was pre-drilling the holes for the mounting brackets. Other companies send you a piece of 1" conduit and expect you to drill the holes for the brackets. Not Pit Viper Lights; our poles are pre-drilled for easy assembly:

Pre Drilled Holes For Easy ASsembly
By pre-drilling this hole, we are taking the headache out of the assembly process. The rest is pretty simple, we'll let our head engineer, a Crew Chief of 35 years, show you how to assemble Pit Viper Lights using only a 7/16" ratchet and wrench.


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The Best and The Brightest - 20,000 Lumens

"Our Pit Viper lights were the talk of the pit area at Lee USA Speedway last weekend! Our area was lit up like it was daytime!! These are amazing!!"

- Tony Paladino (Pit Viper Lights Customer)


This is largest and most powerful set that we have on the market. It will project bright light into your pit AND the pit beside you. But, we have a design secret, one that brings you the maximum amount of light where you need it most, over your race car. If you look at other 10 foot pit lights, the bulbs are stacked end to end (in a line). This puts 5,000 lumens of lights (per side) right next to the trailer and not near the car. With our brackets, we mount 2 bulbs side by side, away from the trailer allowing the light to extend out over the car

This bulb mounting bracket is also handy on the 5 foot set. Other pit light companies mount their bulbs at a 90 degree angle from one another to get the bulbs to fit side by side.  This points about 40% of the light away from your pit. Our bracket allows us to position our bulbs parallel to the pole, pointing the maximum amount of light toward the ground and not toward the sky.

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