Food Truck Lights - Concession Stand Lighting

Food Truck Lights - Concession Stand Lighting

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LED Food Truck Lighting

We are foodies and foodies love a great food truck meal. Since we manufacture lighting we thought – “How can we help our favorite food truck owners?”. We decided to make a series of food truck lights that will not only light up your food window service area, but will attract customers to your food catering vehicle. Here’s how we’ve made it easy for you to get your hands on our product.

  1. Order Online:

Now you can get all you need with a single click. Please scroll through our selection of food truck lights to find what works for you. We pride ourselves on speedy delivery and accurate shipment tracking.

  1. Protective Packaging:

All our products come in secure packaging to ensure your LED food truck lights arrive in perfect condition. We know the unboxing experience is always fun, so we’ve designed some stellar branded boxing you’ll love and threw in a couple of free stickers so you can rep the Pit Viper brand on your truck.

  1. Unique Design and Functionality:

We designed our exterior food truck lights lights with a parallel mounting bracket on double-integrated fixture models. This unique design allows you to get more illumination on the ground where your food service area is without losing light out towards the sky. 

Who is

Our team consists of engineers, manufacturing and marketing experts, and family and friends. We are passionate about providing the food truck industry with the brightest exterior lighting on the market. We know the difference a well-lit exterior and food service area can have on a potential customer so we’ve designed our lights to draw in customers and give them a sense of a welcome, safe environment.  

Powerful Performance

We construct our products to perform, and they come with a 2 Year Warranty! With a maximum output of 20,000 lumens, you’ll be able to see every inch of the ground around your food truck like never before. There’s so much opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition so don’t let exterior lighting be the reason a customer walks to the other food truck in the lot. 

We’ve carefully engineered our LED lights with the latest technology and taken our time with each design to create the most effective, efficient, and best food truck lights on the market. Please don’t take our word for it; give them a shot!

Unbeatable Value

Like we said before we love food and wanted to create a premium product for the food service industry. Along with the premium quality, we strive to offer our premium products at the best value to the pop-up food service industry. That’s why we manufacture parts and specialty brackets that other companies don’t take the time to produce. We build our products without sacrificing any quality our customers have grown to appreciate.

We’re here to offer illumination with excellent functionality that’s easy on your wallet! It’s time to get the Pit Viper Original.