Horse trailer with LED lighting. Pit Viper side mount horse trailer light with a horse and cowboy beside the trailer at night.

Horse Trailer Lights

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High Performance Lights For Horse Trailers

At Pit Viper Lights we set out to create horse trailer lighting that not only created an incredible amount of light, but could be easily removed from the side or back of the trailer and stored easily. With input and feedback from 2 time IPRA World Champion Barrel Racer, Julie Thomas, our team designed the performance enhancing paddock trailer light. While working with Julie, our design team decided that adding a releasable pole clamp as the mounting option gave us exactly what equine owners where looking for in a horse trailer light. Our team lives for the rodeo just as much as you! So we are passionate and excited to share the incredible functionality and practicality of our horse trailer lights with the rodeo world. Here’s how we’ve made it easy for you to get your hands on our product.

  1. Order Online:

Now you can get all you need with a single click. Please scroll through our selection of horse trailer lights to find what works for you. We pride ourselves on speedy delivery and accurate shipment tracking. 

  1. Protective Packaging:

All our products come in secure packaging to ensure your horse trailer lights arrive in perfect condition. We know the unboxing experience is always fun, so we’ve designed some stellar branded boxing you’ll love and threw in a couple of free stickers so you can rep the Pit Viper brand at the rodeo or horse show.

  1. Unique Design and Functionality:

We designed our horse trailer lights with a parallel mounting bracket on double-integrated fixture models. This unique design allows you to get more illumination on the ground where your temporary paddock is without losing light out towards the sky. 

  1. Easily Assembled Product:

Our products come with pre-drilled holes and are easily assembled right out of the box. Assembly of the 4 foot pole assemblies takes less than 2 minutes. Next determine how and where on your trailer you want to mount your releasable pole holder on your trailer and you're just a couple of self tapping screws away from lighting up your trailer in the dark. 

Powerful Performance

We construct our products to perform, and they come with a 2 Year Warranty! With a maximum output of 20,000 lumens, you’ll be able to see every inch of the ground and your livestock like never before. There’s so much that can go wrong when prepping for an event, whether it is a rodeo, horse show, or any equine competition, and our team is on a mission to ensure that your lights will never be one of them.

We’ve carefully engineered our LED products with the latest technology and taken our time with each design to create the most effective, efficient, and best horse trailer lights on the market. Please don’t take our word for it; give them a shot!

Unbeatable Value

We love the rodeo and wanted to create a premium product for the equestrian community. Along with the premium quality, we strive to offer our premium products at the best value to our fellow horse community members. That’s why we manufacture parts and specialty brackets that other companies don’t take the time to produce. We build our products without sacrificing any quality our customers have grown to appreciate.

We’re here to offer illumination with excellent functionality that’s easy on your wallet! It’s time to get the Pit Viper Original.