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Illuminate The Racing World with Pit Viper Lights

Welcome to our race trailer pit lights - the ultimate source for high-intensity, reliable pit lighting solutions. Designed specifically for race trailers, our pit lights provide exceptional illumination, ensuring safety and visibility in your pit area. With a focus on quality and performance, our lights are the perfect addition to any race trailer open or enclosed. Read more...

Unique Mounting Design for Optimal Brightness

What makes our pit lights stand out from the competition is the exceptional quality of our unique mounting brackets. These brackets play a crucial role in securely holding the bulb to the pole, and we spared no effort in ensuring their precision and durability. By utilizing laser-cut technology, we have achieved precise dimensions that guarantee a secure hold for the LED lighting bulbs on the mounting pole.
Moreover, our strategic positioning of the lights gives us optimal lighting over the race car. By extending the lights away the trailer, we have optimized brightness over the pit area while minimizing light loss. This means that regardless of the size or layout of your pit, you can expect perfect lighting conditions. With Pit Viper Lights, you can work with utmost precision and confidence, knowing that you have access to the best lighting conditions available.

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Compact Design, Powerful Illumination

Despite their slinder size, Pit Viper Lights offer a tremendous amount of light, making every detail visible. Each light is designed to provide maximum illumination, ensuring that no corner of your pit area remains in the dark. This powerful illumination proves invaluable when it comes to spotting dropped tools, nuts, and bolts, items that can be hard for racers to see at night. Whether you're working on a vehicle or coordinating a race, our lights make it easy to see every detail, down to the smallest component. With Pit Viper Lights, you can work with precision and confidence, knowing that nothing will be lost in the shadows.

Trust Pit Viper Lights

When it comes to lighting your pit area, you can trust Pit Viper Lights. Our commitment to quality, performance, and durability makes us the preferred choice for race trailer lighting. With Pit Viper Lights, racers no longer have to search for batteries for flashlights or resort to using the light on their phones. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures consistent, reliable lighting that won't suddenly run out of power. The convenience and reliability of our lights mean you can focus on what truly matters - the race. Light up your racing world with Pit Viper Lights and experience the difference that quality lighting can make!


Most racers order one of our 20,000 lumens pit sky light sets either in 10 foot dual or 5 foot dual configuration. The 10 foot dual 20,000 lumens is the ultimate in pit lighting, and breaks down to 5 foot sections for easy storage in your truck or racing trailer. The 5 foot dual 20,000 lumens set is the same amount of light just on a shorter pole, perfect for UTV racing, side by sides or medium sized vehicles. We do offer single 10 foot 10,000 lumens and single 5 foot 10,000 lumens for half the light output. The 5 foot single 5,000 lumen is great for karting, motocross, or smaller race vehicles and still provides an amble amount of light for smaller areas.

Pit Viper Lights provides pole mounts with every pit light set we manufacture. The provided pole mounts need a surface area at minimum of 2-1/2” wide by 3-1/2” long to be screwed into your enclosed trailer or open trailer. You may need to modify your pole mounts to work with your particular trailer, but we do provide self tapping screws. We simply cannot provide every possible mounting solution for every type of application. We hope you understand that we offer one solution that will work in most cases.

We have seen racers mount our pit lights on open trailers using various methods. Racing trailer pit lights can be mounted off your tire rack. They can also be mounted to your trailer observation deck. Some racers have made a removable upright at the rear of the trailer to mount the pit lights to as well.

Pit Viper does offer a military discount, and we proudly support our Veterans and active Military members. We simply ask that customers email us at for all military discount inquiries. We also ask that honesty about your
military service record is paramount because you are only doing a disservice to our military members if falsifying information about service to our great country.