About Us

How It Started

When our founder, David Chambers, ordered a racing pit light from an online vendor and received it he was shocked at what he had received. All of the parts and pieces were low in quality and just thrown in a box with no instructions on how to build it. Once he had drilled all the holes in the poles and attached the flimsy metal clips to hold the bulbs in place he instantly knew this type of pit light would not last in the racing industry. David saw this was an opportunity to create a new and improved design that would be functional in an actual racing pit, quick to assemble out of our packaging, and easy to store in your racing trailer.

Pit Viper then spent months designing a patented mounting bracket that not only is sturdy and robust, but won't need Velcro straps or zip ties to hold the lights in place on the pole. While designing the bracket we also did experiments on how to maximize the light on the end of the pole and directionally to the ground because the light is needed away from your trailer door not just at the back of the trailer. We also knew how hard it is to drill your own holes in a round tube and keep it perfectly in line, so our manufacturing process drills all the holes for you, all you have to do is a quick 5 minute assembly. We set out to build a better mouse trap and we've achieved just that, the best pit light on the market.

Our Founders

David Chambers has 45 years of racing experience. He started in drag racing at age 15 and has been crew chief for several dirt late model racing teams over the last 35 years. David has been in production and manufacturing for over three decades and brings a wealth of knowledge in this area. He also founded Race Page Pro, an online professional racing team website company. Race Page Pro offers easy-to-manage racing websites with built-in merchandise stores and social media feeds.

Justin Holbert has an engineering background in both industrial and mechanical engineering. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering from Southern Polytechnic State University, he went on to graduate school at Clemson University. Justin has worked as an engineer for large companies like Mannington Mills and Mohawk Industries, but for the last 15 years of his career, he has focused on sales and marketing of manufactured products.

Our Focus

David and Justin set out to design and build the best pit lights on the market at an affordable price. Designing racing pit lights with quality components that are easy to assemble and perform well became our focus. We felt you should get more than just a box of parts and screws, and that’s why we deliver more in our shipments. All pit lights ship with all holes pre-drilled and light mounting brackets for easy assembly. Pit Viper Lights easily break down for storage in your truck or racing trailer. We also addressed the mounting and orientation of the lights on the mounting pole to ensure the maximum amount of light was making it to the ground in the pit area.

After doing some industry research, packaging was another area that we wanted to improve. Our pit lights ship neatly packaged because we know how frustrating it is to receive a damaged product. We even throw in some cool Pit Viper stickers for your trailer or race vehicle.