Tyler Blankenship

"I love my Pit Viper pit lights, a must have for every race team.

  • No more holding a flashlight in my mouth.
  • No more being one-handed because my other hand is holding my flashlight.
  • No more low battery on my phone because it’s been my flashlight.

I used to try to park by the street light in the pits but now I don’t have to because I have my own pit viper lights. After I use them in the pits I can take them into the shop and use them. I can use them under the car. Now even the guys that parks beside me has lots of light. I should’ve bought them sooner." - Tyler

Patented Bulb Mounting
Pit Viper's Difference

Pit Viper's patented laser cut bracket ensures the lights securely mount to the light pole. We provide a 1/4" heavy duty bolt to mount the bulb bracket to the pole, unlike other pit lights that rely on small sheet metal screws and flimsy clips.

*Don't be the racer with zip ties holding their pit lights together at the track.

5 Minute Assembly

Don't struggle with the other pit lights on the market, trying to drill holes in a round tube. Pit Viper Lights come with all the necessary holes pre-drilled for quick and headache free assembly. All hardware (nuts, bolts, and trailer mounts) are packaged in a parts box with simple to follow instructions.

In-Line Bulbs or
Parallel Mounted?

- In-line mounted bulbs use flimsy clips and zip ties to mount to the pole.

- Storage of in-line mounted pit lights requires keeping up with a plastic connector piece that is smaller than the size of a quarter, or storing the entire 10 foot pit light in one long piece....good luck with that in a race trailer.

Pit Viper Lights has eliminated all of the senseless things above by utilizing a parallel mounting design, for easy storage and sturdy bulb attachment.

5 Foot Dual

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10 Foot Dual

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Canopy Lights

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