Its Contest Time

It's Contest Time

Pit Viper Lights wants to thank you for your business and allow you to compete to win one or both of our 2 contest containing a nice cash prize.  If you don't need extra cash to buy tires, fuel, new safety gear, engines, oil, tools, parts, etc....then this emails not for you.  But if you could use some extra dollars in your bank account, please read on.


 $1000 Cash Sponsorship 

As thanks for your business we want you to compete to win our 1st Quarter $1,000 cash race team sponsorship. The sponsorship contest runs thru March 31st, and we will be drawing the winner on Facebook live sometime during the first week of April.  What better way to start off the race season than winning an awesome set of Pit Viper Lights!

2022 Winners:

2nd Quarter Sponsorship Winner - Chuck Hobbs

3rd Quarter Sponsorship Winner - Shellee Guersney

4th Quarter Sponsorship Winner - Joshua Parsons

2023 1st Quarter Winner - TBD

You only need to do three simple things to be entered into the sponsorship drawing. If you're receiving this email, you've already completed the first task.  Now just 2 more. Once you've completed all three steps, you are automatically entered.

Step #1

Purchase a set of our racing pit lights

✔️Congrats, you've already checked this box

Step #2

Send us photos of your racing setup with your Pit Viper Lights in photos (night photos, please), at the track, or in the pits. Send to**

Step #3

Submit a review in one of three places, or all three if you choose. If you post a review on all three platforms, you will receive an EXTRA ENTRY into the sponsorship drawing.**

Click The Button To Leave Review:

3) Leave a review on this website. Click the product you purchased below. Once there, scroll to the bottom and click the button that reads "Write A Review".

AS A BONUS - If you complete all three requirements, you will also be entered into future cash sponsorship drawings that require these same three steps.